Kentucky Woman Unleashes Racist Tirade On Hispanic Family Shopping at Target

In the wake of November’s elections, many people are reporting an increase in racially-motivated attacks on others, but one Kentucky woman recently unleashed a racist verbal tirade that has some Internet users buzzing with outrage.

The unidentified woman can be seen in a video that was shared to the Facebook page of Renee Buckner. The video shows the woman responding hatefully when a fellow customer at a local store brings more items to the cash register. The customer appears to be Hispanic. For almost 90 seconds the woman berates the customer with racially-tinged insults and insinuations. The other shoppers observe what is happening in stunned silence.

The outburst appears to have been prompted by the customer adding items to the purchases of a family that was already checking out ahead of the woman. It is unclear whether the customer was a member of the same family group. The woman behind the family began her verbal assault by telling the entire family to “wait in line like everyone else.” Her comments then proceeded to become more hostile and racial in tone. At one point the woman said, “Speak English, you’re in America.” She also told the family that they were “probably on welfare” and that “the taxpayers probably paid for all that stuff.”

At one point the woman even used foul language as she harassed the family. She also claimed that most of the surrounding people felt the same way that she did. After a few minutes the family completed their checkout and left the store without engaging the woman.

Sadly, numerous incidents like this have been reported since Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States in November. Many people claim that Trump’s own racist rhetoric is to blame for these outbursts.

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