Kellyanne Conway Shamed on the Today Show

On Monday morning’s Today Show, Donald Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway fielded a series of questions from Matt Lauer and Savanna Guthrie. As one might expect, things didn’t go very well for the president’s freshman counselor. Although she made many attempts to dodge, lie about, and spin a number of questions in the form of non-sequitur responses, Guthrie and Lauer refused to let her get away with the word salad chicanery.

Both Guthrie and Lauer fired away in reference to the unwarranted and outrageous claims that President Obama somehow managed to wiretap Trump Tower during The Donald’s 2016 presidential campaign. Conway danced around the issue and attempted to change the subject at hand, yet Lauer and Guthrie stood their ground and aggressively searched for a shred of truth from the president’s right-hand woman.

When Conway began blaming the media for blowing the wiretap claim out of proportion and then making a futile attempt to talk about how awful the Affordable Care Act is, Savanna Guthrie pounced on the opportunity to call Ms. Conway out on her claim: “Can I just stop you right there? Kellyanne, the media did not bring up this topic. President Trump did.” Kellyanne responded by saying, “No I didn’t say you did. But there’s so much going on that the American people also want to hear about. All the job creation…”

Again, Guthrie went on the offensive in a candid sort of way: “All the more reason to question why it is that he would bring that up. And then therefore throw the discussion- I mean it isn’t like something that a blogger wrote. It’s something that the President of the United States accused his predecessor of tapping his phone.”

Conway appeared to get a little flustered and tried to respond in a make-sense sort of manner, but once again her answers flew in a number of different directions. To the date, there is still no evidence of any wiretapping whatsoever.

It’s amazing how disconnected the Q&A actually was, which warrants the question of why network programs continue to let Kellyanne Conway spin her way into oblivion by misleading the American public. If anything at all, it’s nice to see that the media can make her aware of the fact that they’re not backing down from her, or for that matter, the rest of the Trump administration.

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