Kellyanne Conway Makes Pathetic Excuse For Trump’s Mocking Of Disabled Reporter

Kellyanne Conway is Donald Trump’s former campaign manager. She will also be his counselor once he takes office. One of the most controversial things that Donald Trump did while he was running for president was mock a reporter. Many people were upset about this, but Kellyanne has defended President-elect Donald Trump. She stated that people should not judge what Donald Trump says. They should look at his heart instead.

Trump mocked Serge Kovaleski, who is a reporter in South Carolina. He covered Donald Trump’s event. He has deformed arms. Trump mocked the reporter by flailing his arms in the air. He also made fun of the reporter’s incoherent speech and facial expressions. Even though Serge has a disability, he is still a successful reporter.

Trump has denied that he was making fun of the reporter. Kellyanne believes that people should believe that Trump said. She stated that even though Donald Trump was making gestures, he was not mocking the reporter.

However, the gestures that Donald Trump made were similar to the ones that the reporter made. Many people do not agree with Kellyanne. They believe that Donald Trump should take responsibility for the things that he has said and done.

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