Keep Your Eyes Focus On The Center Of This Footage, Something Very Creepy Appears Out Of Nowhere

A store owner in Adelaide, South Australia got quite a surprise when he reviewed the security footage from the previous night. It wasn’t a burglar breaking in, but rather something a lot more unusual and scary.

Norm Hurst, the owner of the store, reports a pack of Fruit Roll-Ups simply flying off the shelf and landing on the floor at a time where the store was closed. The food package flew about 40 feet and there was nobody in the store at the time.

Footage from several security cameras show this happening from different angles. The video released by the store owner has since gone viral and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. This has led to speculation that the store could be haunted. Hurst said that when he purchased the store from the previous owner, he was told that it was haunted and strange things were sometimes happening.

Just how the package of Fruit Roll-Ups managed to fly off a shelf by itself remains a mystery for now. In reactions to the video, there are however a few skeptics who believe there is a more logical explanation for this event. Some think that vibrations on the floor may have caused the package to be knocked off the shelf.

Others believed that there might be rodents in the store. Finally, there are also those who think that the event was just a clever publicity stunt made by the owner to promote his store.

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