Just When You Thought Bachmann Couldn’t Say Anything More Idiotic, She Makes THIS Claim

Just When You Thought Bachmann Couldn’t Say Anything More Idiotic, She Makes THIS Claim

In recent reports, the former Republican representative of Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann has divulged misgivings after recent conversations with President Obama. Specifically, her concerns about the relationship of the United States with both Iran and by extension, Israel, in light of information that has become known to the public, are of concern. She said that she had the opportunity to discuss the situation during a holiday party at the White House.

Israel And Their Plans For A Nuclear Program

One of Ms. Bachmann’s concerns was that she understands that Israel has repeatedly stated that they want to develop a nuclear weapon. In addition, after its development, their plan is to use it against both the United States and Israel.

When she asked President Obama to terminate the relationship between the U.S. and Iran, in order to prevent that event, she felt that his response belittled her fears. It is important to note that the former representative failed to mention that the President had already addressed the issue of nuclear weapons with Iran.

Specifically, news channels have previously reported that Obama clarified that only after Iran came to an arrangement about nuclear weapons with other countries, would the issue of presenting a united front against the militant Islamic group known as ISIS, become possible. Her fears about resulting damage to Israel, given that Israel has long been an ally of the United States, would therefore be nullified.

Fortunately, Ms. Bachmann’s fears may have been misguided, since they have been addressed.

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