JUST IN: Bush Administration Officially Dumps Trump And Endorses Hillary Clinton!

JUST IN: Bush Administration Officially Dumps Trump And Endorses Hillary Clinton!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues to rack up endorsements from prominent Republican officials. The latest Republican to defect to the Democrat’s side is Lezlee Westine, a high ranking official from the Bush Administration. Westine served in the White House from 2001 to 2005 as Director of the Office of Public Liaison.

In her endorsement letter, Westine wrote that:

“Our nation faces a unique set of challenges that require steady and experienced leadership. That is why today I am personally supporting Hillary Clinton. She has the expertise and commitment to American values to grow the economy, create jobs and protect America at home and abroad.”

Westine’s endorsement is just another voice in a litany of support Clinton has received from high ranking Republicans following the Democratic National Convention. Clinton has been particularly popular with Reagan Republicans, who many in the media now dub “Hillary Republicans.” Among the many Reagan Administration officials who have come to support Clinton are speechwriter Doug Elmets and White House political aide Frank Lavin. Reagan Republicans can’t help but hear echoes of The Gipper in Clinton’s positivity and welcoming, inclusive message.

The chorus of defections has caused serious concern in the Trump campaign. With the number of prominent Republicans vowing to never vote for Trump growing larger by the day, many in the media question if the Republican candidate will even stay in the race.

In an interview last week with Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press, Trump admitted that if polls show that public opinion has permanently turned against him, he would be willing to step down as the Republican presidential candidate. Should this happen, it is uncertain if the Republican Party would be able to find another candidate for the presidential election come November.

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