Judge Hands Out Another Blow To Glenn Beck In Slander Lawsuit

Judge Hands Out Another Blow To Glenn Beck In Slander Lawsuit

Glenn Beck’s legal world is falling apart! A judge has formally given the defamation lawsuit against him a green light to proceed. The former Fox News media personality may now lose millions of dollars for slandering Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi.

During 2013, Glenn bombarded the airwaves accusing the Saudi national of being the Boston Bombing’s perpetrator. After a law enforcement investigation completely acquitted Alharbi, Beck only ramped up his accusations. Because his target was a private citizen at the time, the judge ruled that this amounted to guilt through negligence.

U.S. District Judge Patti Saris announced that Glenn “made numerous false statements about Alharbi on his radio show, even after he was cleared.”

If this wasn’t bad enough for the neo-conservative, the judge happily added an extra charge that could prove extremely costly in the long run. In addition to damaging the reputation of a non-public person, Glenn used the situation as a means of unjust enrichment. As everyone knows, this pundit thrives on a litany of lies, but he has not been held accountable for any of it until now!

Legal precedent is not on Mr. Beck’s side either. A recent case levied against American Sniper Chris Kyle was brought before a jury, and he was ordered to pay almost $2 million to his victim, who just happened to be Jesse Ventura. Coincidentally, Patti Saris was also the official in charge of overseeing that case!

Here’s the best part: A guilty verdict could end his show by automatically proving FCC violations!

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