Jon Stewart on Palin’s speech: It’s like getting cornered by her ‘at an open-bar wedding!’

Jon Stewart on Palin’s speech: It’s like getting cornered by her ‘at an open-bar wedding!’

It has been said that the person who is the political target of the opposition is surest tell of who they fear. This has certainly been the case with Tea Party darling Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor has long been excoriated for her political views.

The left seemingly believes it gets a pass on misogynistic remarks about her gender, attractiveness, and lack of intelligence because she embraces a different ideology than theirs. This was once again on display as Jon Stewart sought to ridicule her recent appearance at the Iowa Freedom Summit on Sunday. The event was attended by a broad range of 2016 prospective GOP candidates.

Palin surprised many pundits by recently announcing she is seriously considering a bid for the presidency. If she was truly the idiotic disconnected ignorant she is portrayed as being, the left would be lauding her campaign. This is because she would make Hillary Clinton a guaranteed winner of the presidency. Instead, she is lambasted for her views. Admittedly, the political left isn’t alone in their attacks on Palin. The establishment GOP is loath to see a Tea Party candidate capture the party’s nomination.

A Palin administration would present a strong foreign policy and without question repeal Obamacare in full, rollback his extra-constitutional “memos” and executive orders. She would be staunchly pro-defense and seek a balanced budget. While Senator McCain handily lost the 2008 presidential election, it was Palin who energized the base and got a strong evangelical turnout. Had Mitt Romney been able to duplicate the same Evangelical turnout in 2012, he would have won the presidency. This is likely the fear which drives the left to seek to define her as an idiot at every turn.

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