Johnny Cash’s Daughter Belts Out Of Of Her Dad’s All-Time Best Songs…I Got Chills!

Music legend Johnny Cash died in September 2003, but his legacy remains not only in the music he created and the videos he made, but also the singing provided by his daughter, Rosanne Cash.

During his lifetime, Cash received a multitude of individual honors, including in 1996, when he was part of the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors. The select group of winners totals only five each year, with many aspects of culture falling within its scope, including music, dance and acting.

At those 1996 ceremonies, Cash was serenaded with his own songs that were performed by a number of fellow stars. However, the one that undoubtedly had the biggest impact was the rendition of his classic song, “I Walk the Line,” that was performed by daughter Rosanne.

Prior to singing, Rosanne Cash spoke about her father’s impact and said that the song was his signature effort and one that he had performed in every concert over the preceding 40 years.

After singing that song, Rosanne Cash then begins to sing another of her father’s hit songs, “I’ll Fly Away.” As she begins, other performers, including Kris Kristofferson and Lyle Lovett come out, each singing a line or two from the song.

By the end of the song, the quartet is being backed by an entire choir of singers, with many in the audience also singing along with them. Johnny Cash himself is seen attempting to contain his emotions from the outpouring of love and respect from his peers and family.

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