John Oliver Exposes How Televangelists Are Fleecing Americans For Millions

John Oliver, who is the host of the “Last Week Tonight” recently exposed televangelists. He talked about how a lot of televangelists today are exploiting people’s faith for money. One of the televangelists he talked about was Creflo Dollar. Earlier this year, Creflo Dollar made headlines when he went on television and asked for his congregation to give him $65 million.

Mike Murdock was another one of the televangelist that John Oliver talked about on his show. Murdock once bragged in front of his congregation about how he purchased two jets with cash. John Oliver also talked about Kenneth Copeland. Kenneth Copeland and his wife Gloria claimed that they only used their private jets for ministry purposes. However, it was later revealed that the two went on vacations in their private jets.

John Oliver also played a clip of Mike Murdock. In the clip, Murdock is convincing people who are in credit card debt to give $1,000 to his ministry. He told people that if they gave the $1,000, then God would eliminate their credit card debt.

Kenneth Copeland told Bonnie Parker that she should give money to the church instead of using it to fund his cancer treatments. She was told that if she went to the doctor, then it would be a sin. Kenneth told Bonnie that God would heal her. Bonnie later died due to her cancer.

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