Jimmy Kimmel Handed Out Fake Donald Trump Tax Returns – The Responses Are Terrifying

Talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel is famous for his jokes, and a recent stunt has America talking. As part of a skit called “Lie Witness News,” Kimmel went on the street and distributed copies of a tax return that he claimed belonged to Donald Trump. The return was fake, but the response to it was immediate and supportive. Kimmel said he did the experiment to prove people will believe anything.

Along with passing out the phony return, the host’s team also asked a variety of questions, namely about Trump’s official occupation, his donation to a dubious legal fund and his attempt to write off his marriage as “entertainment.” The people who answered the questions strongly defended Trump by saying that everyone lies on their taxes, and if there is a legal loophole, it should be used as much as possible.

Trump has been under fire for not releasing his tax return, which has been traditional for presidential candidates. He claims the delay is related to an audit, and he has nothing to hide.

Trump also said that Americans are more concerned with fixing the country and do not care about his tax return. It is not clear whether the unreleased return is hurting Trump in the polls where he currently trails by five percentage points.

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