Jimmy Kimmel Explains Passive-Aggressive Texts In The Most HILARIOUS Way Possible

Jimmy Kimmel is known for making audiences laugh. He uses a blunt sense of humor at times. During one show, he explains passive-aggressive texting in a way that many people will understand. Some people get word choices confused when they are texting.

The emotions don’t come across like they would if someone were speaking to another person. Because of the lack of expression, it can sometimes be hard to determine what a person really means in a text. Is the person upset with something that has been said simply because that person thought of one meaning when it was actually something else?

An emoji can help to lighten the mood or give a better understanding as to what the person wants to say, but it doesn’t make up for facial expressions and the tone of voice. Kimmel offers an example. He shows a text where someone says “Can I bring Dave to dinner tonight?” It’s a simple question. The other person says “Sure!”

This is likely a happy ending for both people. If the word “Sure” is followed by a period, then it could be interpreted as something different. The person sending the message might think that the recipient doesn’t want him there and is trying to be nice by allowing him to come.

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