Jim Jefferies on Trump and his fans: ‘They’re dumb as shit’

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies is making headlines for ripping into Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and his supporters during one of his standup comedy shows. At the start of his sketch, Jefferies confessed that while he doesn’t agree with his policies, he does find Trump incredibly entertaining. Nonetheless, Jefferies was adamant that just because his supporters believe that Trump is a straight talker doesn’t mean that the billionaire real estate developer is right in his proposed policies.

Jefferies took particular aim at Trump’s idea to build a wall on the border at the expense of Mexico. Pointing out that no one from the Mexican government has shown support for this idea, Jefferies joked that Trump simply says whatever comes into his head, and that his promises are worthless.

On a more serious note, Jefferies expressed his concern that Trump’s fear-mongering over Muslims would only serve to help ISIS recruit new terrorists, not only abroad but within the United States. Jefferies showed particular disdain for Trump’s proposals to kill the families of terrorists and put all Muslims in America on a special register, pointing out that these ideas are fundamentally un-American.

Jefferies ended his sketch with an appeal for reason and compassion, noting that “The only thing that can beat hate is love.” Jefferies joins a chorus of other individuals from the entertainment world who question if Donald Trump is the right choice for the American people.

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