Jeb Bush Thought This Speech Would Be A Breeze. Then College Kids Decimate Him With This Question

Jeb Bush is best known for his brother, George, who was President in the 1990s.

There are some people who don’t agree with the actions of Bush while he was President, and one college student decided to let Jeb Bush know how he feels. The student claims that George Bush is the one who created ISIS and that President Obama has had nothing to do with the group’s formation.

The student made his accusations during a town meeting in Nevada. He listened to Jeb Bush talk about how ISIS was created as a result of Obama taking troops out of Iraq too soon. After listening to Bush rant for a while, the student stood up and let Bush know a few facts.

When over 30,000 people in the Iraqi military lost their jobs, they had no money and no way to support their families. This was because George Bush wanted so many troops in Iraq to fight a war that never should have been fought. The student proceeds to tell Jeb that his brother is the reason ISIS was created because they had access to weapons in an area where the United States military didn’t belong a decade ago and doesn’t belong now.

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