Jeb Bush Cries Like A Baby Because Obama Used Intelligent Terms He Doesn’t Understand

Jeb Bush Cries Like A Baby Because Obama Used Intelligent Terms He Doesn’t Understand

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush recently criticized President Obama’s foreign policy approach which relies upon flowery prose and fancy multi-syllable words to give the appearance of making headway with the nation’s enemies. Some on the political left raised a puerile argument that Gov. Bush was upset over the president´s high intellect. They mused that Bush lacked the intelligence to understand the president´s Ivy League vocabulary.

While poking fun at Jeb Bush may be amusing to his detractors, it is hardly an educated response. The most obvious summary of Bush´s criticism of the president is that his foreign policy is long on words and short on the actions to achieve any meaningful reform. The most relevant example would be the current Iran Nuclear Framework from the P5+1 nations.

The agreement stipulates that Iran will at no time seek nor develop nuclear arms. The president is touting this treaty as an effectively keeping nuclear technology and weapons out of the hands of Iran. Certainly, that is what the wording of the agreement states.

However, the actual body of the agreement has no means to enforce that lofty pronouncement. Iran refused to dismantle 100% of their nuclear centrifuges, and the Obama administration acquiesced. In response, President Obama demanded “anytime anywhere” nuclear inspectors.

This singular aspect is crucial to inspect any suspected violation of the treaty. Iran refused to accept the inspections and the president backed down. Instead, inspectors can request to inspect a site. If Iran refuses, the matter will be discussed by a panel which will include Iranians. It appears that Jeb Bush has a point on the president’s reliance upon words over substance.

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