Ivy League Prof Sums Up Carly Fiorina Perfectly: ‘Has A Psychopathic Denial Of Reality’

Carly Fiorina is doing well in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination, but Yale Business professor Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld is calling her out on some of the outrageous claims she has made during her campaign. Furthermore, Sonnenfield is not the only important critic pointing out the exaggerations and outright lies in Fiorina’s speeches and statements. For starters, Fiorina has been stretching the truth in her statements about how Planned Parenthood allegedly marketed human body parts and in her claims of having a track record of being a successful leader and business person herself.

Planned Parenthood

Fiorina, who is against abortion, has been making many accusations against Planned Parenthood from the campaign trail. She says that the organization has a history of selling body parts from late-term fetuses and has even encouraged women to get abortions in hopes of profiting from the results. According to her, all of this has been documented on video. The problem with her claims is that she’s been unable to produce the videos, and the truth is they don’t seem to exist.

Business Career

Fiorina has been trying to sell herself to voters as a savvy and successful businessperson and has even compared herself to the legendary Steve Jobs. In fact, she nearly ran the giant computer company Hewlett-Packard into the ground when she was in charge of it and was unceremoniously fired. Under Fiorina’s watch, there were massive layoffs of Hewlett-Packard employees and the stock price of the company plummeted. Only Fionrina herself seemed to emerge from the mess unscathed as she was given a 40 million dollar golden parachute as part of her severance package.

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