Ivanka Trump Infuriates Working Families Across The Country Making Sexist Claims

Even though Donald Trump is the one running for President of the United States, his daughter, Ivanka, has made a few comments that don’t sit well with many Americans. She recently made a video about the plans that her father has for maternity leave.

Ivanka reveals that one of the most important jobs women have is to be a mother. Many women do feel that being a mother is a rewarding job, but they also feel that the parenting responsibilities can be left to the father if the mother has a better job.

It is believed that Ivanka is trying to reinforce some of the old-fashioned thoughts that women are to stay at home and take care of the children without going to work. After the video was released on social media, women across the country felt that the comments that were made as an insult. Some women don’t want to have children.

What about those women? Are they any less of a woman if they don’t have the job of motherhood? Trump’s plan might be good for those who have a desire to stay at home with the kids, but it doesn’t look at the total picture when it comes to parenting. It also doesn’t include maternity leave for fathers or those who are members of the LGBT community.

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