It May Looks Like The World’s Smallest Car – But When He Opens The Door You’ll Be Blown Away!

There are small cars that you see on the road that might make you wonder how anyone fits inside. The PodRide is a design by a man from Sweden named Mikael Kjellman. It is a cross between a bicycle and a car. Some have said that it’s the smallest car in the world, but when you open the door, you will see that there is plenty of space inside for traveling.

The car has four wheels that you would see on a traditional car, but there is a smaller turning radius to make sharper turns. Only weighing 154 pounds, the car is easy to take wherever you want to travel. It does have the same height as a traditional car.

A bike trailer can be connected to the back of the vehicle. There is a bit of storage space in the car as well. What makes the car different is that it can fit on most bike paths. There are no licenses that are required to drive the e-bike.

This is considered a bike with four wheels instead of two, but it has a little added space for those who want to venture farther away from home. Several people have made comments that they would buy a bike if it was for sale.

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