It Didn’t Take Long For This Video To Go Viral. Hit Play And You’ll Understand Why…

When a recent video was shared online, viewers went crazy over what was seen. The video is of a line of baby pug puppies. They are so adorable that they could be used as a relaxation technique for those who are stressed during the day.

There are six puppies in the video. Each one is laying on its back. They have their front paws up in the air, similar to how a baby would sleep in a crib. The puppies will twitch every few seconds, likely dreaming of dog food or playing. Some of them are fatter than others, but they all seem to be well-nourished.

From little tail movements to mouths moving like they are nursing, the puppies have taken the Internet world by storm. It’s easy to see why as they are all the same color and seem to have the same markings.

A puppy on the end tries to roll over while sleeping, sticking his tongue out after not accomplishing the move. The puppies don’t bother to try to get up and move away. It looks like it’s a hard life to be a puppy as they are resting on a blanket, waiting until the next adventure in their young lives.

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