Islamic Inmate Sues Jail For Making Her Attend Christian Church Service

Islamic Inmate Sues Jail For Making Her Attend Christian Church Service

Sakeena Majeed is a 24 year-old Muslim American who was recently sentenced to 60 days in jail because of an assault charge. She is very upset because the jail made her go to a Christian church service while she was incarcerated there.

As a result she is now suing the Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) Jail where she recently served her time, citing religious discrimination. Majeed filed the lawsuit last week and she also claims that the law enforcement officers present there also mocked her religious faith while she was forced to listen to the Baptist minister present his sermon. As a result, Majeed is seeking unspecified damages.

Majeed’s attorney is a man named Matthew Besser. “Anybody, whatever religion they might be, would probably be offended at this. The government is simply not allowed to tell us which God to pray to, or even if we should pray in the first place.” Majeed’s constitution right to freedom of religion was clearly violated. Her attorney noted that she was raised in Kansas and is as “American as apple pie”.

Although Islam is not a popular religion in this country, people that would have an issue with her lawsuit should remember that if it were the other way around—if a Christian were forced to participate in a Muslim service—most would certainly be offended. The sheriff at present is denying the accusations.

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