iPhones Soon to Block Calls and Texts While Driving

iPhones Soon to Block Calls and Texts While Driving

Apple will soon be releasing an app that will stop people from texting while driving. When the car is connected to a cable or bluetooth, text message notifications will be disabled. If someone sends you a text message while you are driving, then they can get a message that says the person is driving and cannot respond.

The phone screen will also lock. Additionally, people are not able to use apps while they are driving. AppleCar Play, which is an app that allows drivers to hear and respond to voice commands, can be used. Eight people are killed every day due to texting while driving accidents.

Those who text while they drive are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident. People are hoping that this app will cut down on deaths. Keep in mind that people will have the option of disabling this app if they are a passenger.

This new app will be a part of the Apple iOS 11. Nissan has also proposed something similar. They want to put a built-in box inside of the car that will prevent radio transmissions from reaching the car. This is another way that texting while driving can be prevented.

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