Infant Ejected from Car And Found Alive in Storm Drain

Infant Ejected from Car And Found Alive in Storm Drain

Firefighters in Texarkana, Arkansas, were amazed at what they found recently when they responded to a roll-over car accident involving a family. A truck apparently sideswiped a car on Interstate 30 and caused the car to roll over. An 8-month-old baby, who was traveling with her family, was ejected from the vehicle.

After the accident, the family searched for the baby but could not find her. When rescuers arrived, they were able to focus the search on an area of the median where they heard some noise. Shortly after beginning their search, they found the baby alive and well inside a storm drain. It is believed that the baby rolled down a hill and into the storm drain.

Not only was the child not properly secured in her car seat, but the car seat itself wasn’t correctly installed in the vehicle. When rescuers appeared, the baby reportedly reached out to them with her arms for rescue. She received only one minor scratch on her forehead. The baby, as well as the four other family members who were in the car, were taken to the hospital and treated.

All were quickly released, but the driver remained in the hospital to recover. The driver of the truck was cited for improper and unsafe lane change, but the family of the child was not cited for improper use of a car seat.

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