Incredible Orangutan Birth is Captured For The First Time EVER – This Is Going To BLOW YOU AWAY

It’s not often that the birth of an animal is captured on video. An orangutan birth was recently filmed, and what the mother does with the newborn is rather surprising. This is an act that not many people have the chance to see as even the animals that give birth in a zoo are often left alone until the baby is born.

Any birth is a miracle. It’s the ones that you don’t often see that are amazing and make you cherish life itself. The orangutan lives in Sumatra. The video that has been posted online shows a few of the images of the mother giving birth before leading into what she does to her baby.

Some would say that the actions of the mother are odd, but it’s something that many animals do in nature.¬†When the baby is born, the mother holds her baby close. She begins to lick away the amniotic fluid that enveloped the baby.

Before long, the mother, cradling her baby in her arms, walks over to one of the people watching her. She shows the person the new baby. This was something unexpected, and it appears as though she is showing off her new baby to those who want to see.

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