In One Tweet, Michael Moore Reveals How Racism Poisoned Flint’s Water

In One Tweet, Michael Moore Reveals How Racism Poisoned Flint’s Water

Michael Moore, a well known native of Flint, Michigan, recently tweeted, “This is a racial killing“, referring to the current water crisis in his hometown. In June of 2013, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder made a decision to change water sources in Flint. These new water sources included dangerous elevated levels of copper, lead, e. coli, chlorine and trihalomethanes that have led to an outbreak of major long-term health issues in the city…

Although the shocking effects of this toxic, contaminated water were known immediately to public officials in 2014 after the city switched its water source. But political leaders downplayed the issue for more than a year. As a result of Snyder’s decision and handling of this dangerous issue, Michael Moore also recently posted a petition on his website calling for the Governor’s arrest.

In addition, Moore released a tweet in December indicating that Snyder created a “version of genocide” and “knowingly poisoned a black city”. Over the weekend, Moore accused leading politicians of poisoning residents on purpose while he held a rally in Flint. He said:

“Ten people were killed here because of a political decision to save money… to risk the lives of people here in a city that is majority African-American, where 41 percent live below the official poverty line. That is what is going on here.” Moore continued to say that “It’s a crisis created by the Republican governor and visited on a city that is majority black and majority poor”.

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