In-Ear Device That Can Translate Foreign Languages IN REAL TIME

Have you had trouble understanding someone speaking a different language?  Well, even if you never learned a foreign language, the folks at Waverly Labs have come to your rescue, at least for French, Spanish, Italian, and English.  They have developed a device that enables the person wearing it to understand those languages through a real-time, in-ear translation. It is a simple but revolutionary idea.

A handy app on your smartphone allows you to toggle through the available languages.  Choose one and the device translates what it hears into your native tongue. The device is called “The Pilot” and it will be available in September for $129 each. Days of not understanding the locals might be relegated to the past.

It seems that the developer got the idea when he met a French woman who spoke no English. He went back to the lab and solved the problem.  Of course it helps to have two of the devices so the other person can understand you, a necessity in conversations.

You simply program one device to translate from, say, Italian to English and put it in your ear. Then hand the other device, programmed to translate from English to Italian, to your new Italian friend and let the conversation begin!  The devices come in three colors: black, white, and red.  That way you can tell them apart.  Program the red one for your use and the white one for the people with whom you will be talking.

Going on to France?  No Problem. Simply choose the French app and you will be ready to converse.  Just don’t go to Germany, yet.

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