In 1800s, Pit Bulls Were Utilized To Do THIS For Babies:

In 1800s, Pit Bulls Were Utilized To Do THIS For Babies:

Dogs are known for their unconditional love. Although they make faithful and wonderful companions, many were actually bred for specific purposes. Dogs love to snuggle and relax, but many breeds enjoy working. For example, malamutes and huskies were once used to pull sleds. Some still work as sled dogs.

Tibetan Mastiffs and Lhasa Apsos were once used as temple guardians. Pit bulls today have a bad reputation. Many people believe that people should not keep pit bulls around children or babies. However, pit bulls can actually be very sweet animals – in fact, Victorian families once used pit bulls to watch over their children and babies.

Saint Bernards are very strong animals that were once used to free people who were trapped in avalanches. They were also used to revive people who had suffered from hypothermia. Many dogs were once used to herd sheep. Some still have this herding instinct.

Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds were the first dogs to be used to sniff out bombs and bust drug rings. Today, these dogs are still being used for the same purpose. Additionally, the Newfoundland dog, or Newfie dog, was bred to be fish. That is why the Newfie dog loves to be near water.

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