If You Thought You’ve Heard Rush Limbaugh’s Dumbest Statement, You Need To Hear This

If You Thought You’ve Heard Rush Limbaugh’s Dumbest Statement, You Need To Hear This

Rush Limbaugh reacted to a report about a suspicion of voter fraud in Cook County. He concluded that voter fraud must be the reason Democrats continue to win. A legendary stronghold of Democratic voting, Cook County, Illinois has produced party dynasties like the long-time Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley and his family.

Asserting that Democrats continue to win offices without sufficient popularity to explain them, Rush Limbaugh points to voter fraud as the likely cause. While not providing any supporting facts, he strongly asserts a gut level feeling about the existence of Democratic Party voter fraud, and that it feeds his great curiosity about how much Democratic voter fraud is out there.

The evidence he cites are not cases of voter fraud or any investigations on the subject. As proof that Democrats are not popular, he cites lackluster book sales for leading Democrats including Hilary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo, and lower than expected viewership on liberal radio stations. He perceives an absence of popular support, and characterizes it as a lack of overwhelming, rock star enthusiasm.

He concludes that it means Democrats are not as popular as they seem, and not popular enough to explain their success in elections. Limbaugh does not limit his remarks to Cook County. He did not discuss possible Republican involvement in voter fraud, or any advantages that they might gain from such activity. For Limbaugh, the disparity between election results and his perceptions about Democratic popularity are enough to point to voter fraud.

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