If You Thought These Were Ordinary Christmas Lights, You’d Be Wrong. Once 28 Seconds Hits? WOW

Looking at neighborhood light displays is one of the most delightful and enjoyable things about the holiday season each year. Although many houses have beautiful holiday lights, some stand out a bit more than others. One example involves a home in Florida. When you initially look at the detailed light display at this Florida residence, things seem pretty normal. The lights are magnificent and stunning, but appear very similar to those of many homes located all around the United States and planet. One difference is noticeable, however, and that’s the coloring of the lights. Although Christmas lights are usually red, green and gold, the lights at this Florida house are mostly blue. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that the roof of the property features a lovely light display of the United States flag, too. The goal of these Tallahassee, Florida homeowners was to create a patriotic expression of gratitude. When they put up these lights, they did so with the idea of saying thank you to all of the courageous American citizens who risk their lives for their nation each and every single day. These Christmas lights are devoted to the American troops.

If you walk or drive by this house, you’ll notice a light show that’s highly detailed. Looking at it can be highly entertaining for passersby. Visuals aren’t the only component of this festive and patriotic light show, either. Music is involved, too. The light show is in conjunction with “Proud to Be An American,” which is a 1992 song that was released by popular country music vocalist Lee Greenwood. If you look at this house and its light display, it’s impossible to deny that the residents are indeed very proud to be American, to say the very least. Not only are these residents expressing their gratitude to people who are currently actively involved in troops, but they’re also expressing their gratitude to the thousands of veterans all around the nation.

It’s not easy to adequately say “thank you” to the countless United States troops that have endangered themselves for the benefit of the nation. More than a million troops have fought for the nation since the 1770s, surprisingly enough.

The holidays are a time of reflection. They’re a time to show the people in your life how much you care about them. They’re a time to spend with the individuals who mean the most to you, whether they’re family members, friends or anything else. They’re also a time, however. to think about the big picture. If you feel grateful about the level of safety in your life, you can’t forget about the troops. If you’re ever walking around a Tallahassee, Florida neighborhood during the holiday season and notice a mesmerizing combination of holiday festivities and pure patriotism, then you’re probably looking at this house. It can’t be easy for any of the other homes in the neighborhood to try to top this amazing light display. If you see it just once, you’ll never ever be able to forget it.

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