If You Think She’s A Normal Dancer, You’re Wrong! When She Starts Dancing, I YELLED!

Daria Kondakova may describe herself as a gymnast, or just an athlete, but the limber lady has more to her than initially meets the eye. Daria is a rhythmic gymnast.

Rhythmic gymnastics coordinate objects such as ribbons, hula hoops, or balls into their already complex performance routines. Rhythmic gymnastic performances and competitions are as much about aesthetics as they are the sport itself.

When Daria takes center, it’s difficult to become distracted. Her beautiful costume combined with her flawless moves will leave anyone watching in awe. Can you imagine how long it takes to perfect a normal gymnastic or dance routine?

Daria delivers how powerful performance wearing a beautiful golden costume. The ball is dyed to match the color of the costume, as if it were meant to be a part of her. The slender girl moves with such grace and allows the ball to move across her body in perfect time and rhythm, never allowing it to slide out of its intended area. Daria seemingly uses the ball as an object to balance her spins, as a lift as she begins her performance, and even as something to race across her lithe form.

Once Daria begins to move, it is difficult to focus on anything but this beautiful and graceful performance!

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