If Ever Your Pooch Gets Nasty Fleas, This Dog Owner Has A Crazy Quick And Easy Solution!

Any dog owner knows that fleas can wreak havoc on your pets life if these buggers happen to hitch a ride on them. These parasitic pests mooch off your pets.

But fear not pet-owners! It seems there is an relatively simple way to rid dogs of these parasites that will leave your pooch clean and fragrant. One clever dog owner mixed her own homemade flea shampoo  with only three simple, accessible ingredients.

She blends one-half cup of mild dish soap, 1 cup of vinegar, and a quart measure of warm water to result in a dog bath that will send fleas fleeing. Mix these three ingredients thoroughly in a squirt bottle and run warm water over your canine amigo, gently scrubbing with the sudsy blend. Be sure to reach in all the nooks and crannies of skin and fur where fleas might be hiding, but take care to protect the dog’s eyes.

Try this clever mixture if your pooch needs a surefire way to rid them of any fleas that could put them at risk of disease.

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