I Laughed When I Saw This Surfing Dog. Then The Camera Pans Out And I Couldn’t Breathe…LOL

People love dogs no matter what good thing they do. Even when they are making mischief, people love to watch videos of the dogs getting into all sorts of trouble. This video showcases everything a dog could possibly get up to at the beach.

Besides surfing dogs and digging dogs, this video captures some truly unique things that dogs can do like surfing or pulling a friend around on a raft. They even let their owners bury them lightly in the sand, or try to dig them out again when all they can see is their owner’s head.

The cutest and funniest clips in this collection have to be about dogs who follow their natural doggy instincts without thought of the consequences. Several people get bowled over as their furry friends barrel into them at full speed. A little girl tries to throw a stick in the ocean but her canine companion grabs it first. A woman enjoying the ocean view is the target of a leg lift and so is a camera set to record the crashing waves.

Dogs catch more than sticks in this production though. One brave golden retriever snaps a two foot long squid from the water. Another sneaks off with a woman’s bikini top, to the delight of his owner.

A couple scrappy little pups get more than they bargained for, however. One brave dog chases a sea gull bigger than he is. Another one is sitting and minding his own business when a cheeky bird sneaks up behind and pecks at his tail.

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