I Had No Idea What Her Plan Was When She Cut The Bottle In Half. But What She Makes? Cute!

Handcrafted jewelry is the perfect way to add your own flare to the season’s latest fashion trends, and one woman transformed an old plastic bottle in half and created a stylish and eccentric piece that you simply must see and try yourself!

Innova Crafts is a YouTube channel hosted by a woman who is able to transform everyday objects into fun art projects, and the best part is that this DIY plastic bottle bracelet tutorial is easy and safe enough for the kids to enjoy!

She begins by wrapping the portion of the bottle she wants to use (the center is best) in masking tape, then cutting the bottle in half with a pair of sharp all-purpose scissors. After she has the tape-covered plastic band, she removes the tape, removes the steam from her iron on medium heat and places each side of the plastic band onto the iron plate for a few seconds, enough to cause the plastic to melt and curl, giving the rounded edges of a bracelet.

To bring her new jewelry to life, she uses various nail polishes to paint the inside of the plastic band with her own custom design. This is the best part of the project, where you will be able to come up with all sorts of fun and wonderful designs that can match different outfits and be worn for various occasions. You can even use nail stencils to add intricate patterns or symbols such as flowers or butterflies.

It’s best to go over the final project with a coat of clear nail polish and allow it to dry for a few hours before wearing. Once it’s done, you’ll be left with your own one-of-a-kind bracelet that no one will ever believe once came from a plastic bottle!

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