I Didn’t Think He Knew What He Was Doing. Then I Tried This On My Steak! Best steak Ever

Gordon Ramsay is a man who has skills in the kitchen. He can create a meal that is delicious with only a few ingredients. He runs a tight ship when he’s working, and he knows how to get the job done.

There is one secret that he has when it comes to steak, and when you try this secret at home, there might not be anything left after the meal.

Steak can be prepared in various ways depending on how you like the meat. Grilling is one of the most common ways as it seals in the flavors. Ramsay uses a stovetop and a pan.

He also uses a large amount of butter when cooking his steak. When he gets the pan hot, he begins to add the butter so that it will melt, coating the bottom of the pan before adding the steak.

He also uses a large amount of seasoning on the steak. This method gives the steak a tenderness that you might not get if you were to bake it or even grill it for a short period of time. When you let the steak sit in the pan, you can add other items like mushrooms or sliced vegetables, giving you a meal that only uses one pan instead of several cooking vessels.

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