Husky Throws a Downright Tantrum When It’s Time To Leave Dog Park

Parents of small children understand the struggle of getting an excited child to leave the park, but one exceptionally vocal husky had the same reaction. A fun afternoon at the dog park turned into an epic tantrum when the adorable puppy heard that it was time to go home.

In a dramatic Youtube video, the dog can be seen pleading with his human mom to let him stay with his friends. As all human and pet parents can relate, it’s important to not give in when the little ones try to guilt you into a few more minutes at the park. His owner visits the park frequently, and each time experiences the same reaction when it’s time to leave.

The Siberian Husky is an intelligent breed that enjoys running in a pack so it’s understandable that the puppy craves canine interaction. They are known vocalists, so it isn’t surprising that many believe that they actually hear him saying the word “No!” to his beloved owner.

The poster of the video cleverly captions the tantrum to detail the adorable words of the disappointed puppy that can’t seem to get enough play time. Nearby playmates seem to react with their own barks in protest of their friend leaving for the day.

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