Husband Opens Box Thinking It’s A New Watch. But It Isn’t. What He Sees? Instant Tears

When Chad Reay opened his birthday present, he was excited because he thought it contained a brand new Apple Watch. However, his wife, Catie Reay, had hidden a huge surprise inside the packaging.

Inside the box, Catie had placed a positive pregnancy test, letting him know that he would be a father soon. Catie captured his reaction in a video and posted it on Facebook to share with their family and friends. However, the video struck a chord with its viewers, and it quickly began to go viral.

After just a week, the video of Chad’s reaction had over 12 million views on YouTube.

The video seems to be so popular because of the truly heartwarming story behind it. Chad is already the happy stepfather of Catie’s two children from a previous relationship, but learning that he is going to be a father again absolutely thrilled him.

As he realizes that he’s going to be a father, he cannot help crying happy tears. Chad says that he is looking forward to experiencing his wife’s pregnancy and being there for his child from the very beginning. The raw emotion he displays and his obvious love for his wife and their child makes

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