Husband And Wife Embrace, But As The Camera Zooms Out You’ll Get A Big Surprise!!

Mario Lantigua met the love of his life Elaine, while on the set of a movie she was filming. The two fell for one another fast, but their romance hit a massive wall when Elaine discovered she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma shortly following their proposal. The wedding they’d imagined didn’t happen, and Mario had to quit his job in order to dedicate his time to caring for the woman he loved.

On the popular show “Prank It Fwd”, Mario gives Elaine of a lifetime when what seems like a typical date night at the movies turns into so much more. Drowning in medical bills, their wedding was put off for the next six years. That’s where “Prank It Fwd” comes in.

The couple enters the theater on what Elaine believes is just a typical movie date, but Mario excuses himself to go to the bathroom as the previews start. Tonight, the preview is extra special. It’s a one-of-a-kind movie trailer that depicts Mario and Elaine’s love story. The trailer reveals how they met and then introduces Mario, who is on one knee and takes Elaine’s hand as he tearfully professes how deeply he loves her and asks her to marry him right there.

She says yes, and the screen in the theater lifts to reveal a wedding alter. The host of “Prank It Fwd” introduces himself, and Mario and Elaine’s friends and family stand by in anticipation for the ceremony. After she’s dressed in a gown chosen by her sisters and has her hair and makeup done by a professional, Elaine meets Mario at the alter. The couple exchange heartfelt, tear-inducing vows and go on to have an epic reception inside the theater with all their guests, filled with food, fun and of course, love.

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