Hungry And Without A Nest, These Birds Will Have A Happy Ending Afterall

Sometimes, nature can be cruel. One example is how precarious the lives of baby birds can be. Often, if a human being touches unhatched eggs, the mother bird will not come back and keep her eggs warm so that they can hatch. Also, sometimes a nest can fall to the ground, and leave the birds without much of a chance for survival.

In this case, a homeowner saw that a bird’s nest had fallen to the ground in his front yard. The baby birds already had feathers, so it was clear to him that they did have a chance of surviving. However, he was concerned about the possibility of the neighborhood cats finding them.

The camera catches these birds in a moment where their mother comes back to feed them, and it is nice to see that they have hope. The homeowner also fixes the nest and adds reinforcements so that it is safe from any future storms. Thanks to him, as well as their mother coming back to feed them, these birds will get to survive and likely make it to adulthood.

It is always nice to see people doing great things for animals, as it shows just how genuinely caring they are about these relatively helpless creatures. These birds may not have survived had it not been for the homeowner’s intervention; even though their mother came back, had they not had an intact nest, she may not have come back again after that. He did a wonderful thing.

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