HOW-TO: Homemade Leather Bucket Bag, Perfect For Summer

How many seasonal handbags or accessories do you have stowed away in your closet right now? Probably too many. A video from the Sorry Girls is circulating the internet right now, and it’s all about your next summer DIY fashion project! In the video, you can watch the Sorry Girls make a simple bucket bag from simple fabric bought from the store.

Those who are new to sewing machines might be a bit reluctant to take on this kind of project, but never fear! Every single part of the video is explained in detail so that your project never comes to a screeching halt. We’re pretty confident you’ll be turn out a bag worthy of the runway with these easy-to-follow instructions.

You’ll be surprised by how easy this bag will pair with many of your summer outfits. Besides, you’ll also have the satisfaction in knowing that you made the bag completely from scratch.

Talk about bragging rights! Additionally, this type of project is completely customizable. That means you can add any type of flair imaginable to this already chic bucket bag tote! Are you thinking about busting out the thread and needle to give this project a shot? Leave a comment or share the video to show your support for yet another flawless creation from the Sorry Girls.

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