How many “threes” can you see in this image?

One, two, three. Uno, dos, tres. We are all very familiar with the number 3, so this little brain teaser has been messing with a lot of minds since it gained steam on Facebook and Twitter recently.

Let’s see how super smart or super observant you are, by taking the brain teaser question yourself.

First, let us explain exactly what’s going on. You’re looking at an iphone screen image, which you can click on here.

The big question: How many threes can you see in the image?

Don’t worry if you become a bit baffled, because thousands of people have been tripped up by the question, which appears to be a simple one. This is a wonderful brain teaser for the entire family, because it gets us thinking, using our eyes in the most discerning way and forces us to look at the big picture and notice details.

If you guessed that there are 15, 19 or 21 “3s” in the image, then you have sided with the majority of social network enthusiasts who apparently have a lot of time on their hands since they’re able to play around with this question. Still, the answer might not be that simple to arrive at.

According to the experts, there are in fact 19 number 3s in the image, but some people challenge that figure, saying there are actually 21 3s. It all depends on how one interprets the image.

So, let’s examine the image together. There are eight 3s in the phone number, there are two 3s on the key pad as the number eight button has been replaced.

Next, take note of the time, 3:33 PM. Plus, the time also contains three number 3s and the battery power at 33 per cent reveals another two 3s.

If we do the math, that total would come out at 15. However, there are four more hidden 3s upon closer inspection. Those would include three of the letters in the contact’s name replaced with 3s and the letter ‘I’ on the number four key has also been replaced with a 3. We are now up to 19 3s and counting.

We are almost finished, but there are two more 3s if you consider the bar signal and wifi signal at the very top of the image, both of which show three bars. That would bring the exact total up to 21 3s.

Phew! That’s exhausting, but we’re not sure there is a clear answer, because maybe the bar signal and wifi signal don’t truly count as “3s.”

One Twitter user, Matt NG, has had enough of the internet 3s game, posting this on the social media website:

“Anyone else sick of these how many circles/threes can you see puzzles that are just everywhere atm? Think we have bigger problems to solve.”

Yes, Matt, maybe we do have bigger problems to solve in the world, but whatever happened to good, intelligent fun that actually makes us use our brain power?

It’s actually alright to ponder other stuff, as minor as it might appear next to the grander scheme of things.

How many “threes” can you see in this image?

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