Household Tip: THIS Is How You Fold A Fitted Sheet!

The problems related to the folding of fitted sheets has been addressed by the website video itself, hosted by Jill Cooper of the website, lasts just 102 seconds, but is able to quickly show what needs to take place.

Cooper first explains the wisdom behind folding the sheets, as opposed to merely tossing them into a closet or cabinet. By folding them, the amount of space available doubles, and the amount of time spent folding the sheet would be the same when rummaging through a closet or cabinet to find the right sheet.

Beginning the folding means holding the sheet lengthwise, with the right side toward your body. The first corner should then be folded over the second corner before then sliding down to the third corner and tuck that in the sheet. Then do the same for the fourth corner.

Then turn to the other side and straighten the edges before bringing it to a table. Folding and fluffing the right side end should be next, with the folding being done in thirds. Additional folding should also be done in thirds. In the event the sheet is for a King Size or Queen Size bed, the option to fold it in fourths should be considered.

At that point, the job is done. Cooper notes that performing this task the first few times will be awkward, but offers reassurance that the task becomes much easier with each effort. That will be an asset when it comes to space considerations.

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