Homeless Cat Walks Up To Street Musician, And A WONDERFUL Thing Happens

There are may homeless animals that simply walk along the streets until someone takes them to a shelter or takes them home to start a new life. James is a musician who plays on the streets, and he often sees stray animals. One day, he saw an injured cat walking by while he was playing. He named the cat Bob, and it was all downhill from there.

Bob changed James’ life, and now James is making sure that Bob is cared for like he has never been cared for by anyone else. The cat can give him a high-five, and he enjoys listening to James play his music. James even wrote a book about the cat.

He nursed the cat back to health, spending his last bit of money on medicine for the cat.People would start bringing gifts to Bob and James when he would play the guitar on the street. More money was given as well.

Those who have seen Bob interact with James are excited that he has taken him under his wing. James now sees homeless animals and people in a different light. He tries to make a difference when he sees someone who needs help.

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