Holocaust Museum has Chilling Warning About Anti-Semitism in the Age of Trump

Holocaust Museum has Chilling Warning About Anti-Semitism in the Age of Trump

The whole world is still reeling in shock after Donald Trump pulled a fast one in the just concluded US elections. Not that anybody had a problem with Trump, the person. But his sentiments on the critical issue of immigrants in the US drew the attention of the entire world. On the run-up to the elections, Trump is said to have indicated that he would rid America of all the illegal immigrants.
Kicking out illegal immigrants may not be the issue, but the possibility of creating a recipe for a holocaust is. If a government in power trains its guns on a section of the population, it may just succeed in annihilating them. In the same vein, if the Trump presidency determines that non-US citizens have to go, then it will succeed in chucking them out using every available means which sadly includes mass murder and deportations.

There are ominous signs of a Holocaust already. To begin with, a group of white supremacists and Nazis met over the weekend to work out a path following a Trump victory. Having helped put him in the Oval Office, they now feel it is time to spring into action. Being an amorphous configuration, the group can best be described as terrorist. All they need is a little trigger – like another anti-Semitic statement from the president-elect – and they initiate bloodshed.

You only have to look at the leader of the group, and you realize the threat of a holocaust is real. Richard Spencer, who cuts the image of a B-spy movie villain, has apparently advocated for Government-enforced sterilization of ethnic minorities. You have to give it serious though considering that Spencer is one of New York’s power brokers. It would not be too hard for him to influence the government into an outrageous course of action.

Mr. Spencer’s speech to the gathering of about 200 people should get you worried. He spoke against Jews and even quoted a Nazi propaganda in German. He particularly moved the audience, consisting mainly of young men, when he noted that America belonged to white people, “the children of the sun,” who had lost their identity. He, however, pointed out that good times were yet to come now that they had elected Trump into office. At the end of his speech, somebody shouted “Heil, the people!” and the room shouted back, “Heil victory!”

What is even more worrying is the fact that major media houses are using veiled terms to describe the meeting. You may be forgiven to wonder if they are complacent to the openly neo-Nazi chants. Even The Times are keeping clear of the implications of Richard Spencer’s rant and are instead using euphemisms to refer to the group. It is a clear indication that they are not ready to confront the issue and may be considering to give it a push.

In the fight against the possible racism of the impending Trump administration, we need to realize that a Nazi wearing smartly and flaunting a fancy hairstyle is still a Nazi. We shouldn’t listen to the barrage of dumb stories the partisan media are likely to start churning out to suggest otherwise.

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