His Son Stashes Away the Military Checks, Then Tells Mom And Dad To Come See This Pink House…

When the recession took place, Jose Cordova’s family felt the brunt of it as his father lost his job. Jose was sent to Afghanistan because of his job. Since his parents were unable to make the payment on their home, it went into foreclosure. Jose started saving all of the checks that he received from the military. The total amount that he saved was $30,000. This was enough to get the house back for his parents.

Jose was still in Afghanistan when he got in touch with a Realtor who was responsible for his parent’s home. The person selling the home knew that the family was hit by the recession and was going through a hard time financially. The seller decided to lower the price on the house.

Jose talked to the Realtor and managed to get the home back while he was still in Afghanistan. The Realtor talked about the ind of man that Jose is as he has never seen anyone with such determination to get back a home that he lived in as a child. He is also a man who loves his parents as he showed by saving every single check that he received instead of spending it on himself.

Jose went home for two weeks to sign all of the paperwork. When the transaction was complete, he told his parents to go to an address where he showed them the home that they had once again. Jose’s father plans on expanding the home so that there is more space for the family to spend time together.

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