His Son Lived Inside This Gas Station. But What It Looks Like Inside? I Am Jealous

Robert Guthrie decided that he was going to do something bold. When he told people that he and his son were going to live in a gas station, they thought that he was crazy. Robert still decided to go ahead with his plan. He brought an old gas station outside of the New Orleans French corner. He transformed the 2,000 square foot space into a new home.

Even though Robert transformed the gas station, he still left things inside of it to remind people of its past history. The home has toy decorations, toilet paper holders and oil. Robert also added a modern kitchen, roof deck and a staircase to the old gas station. Everything that Robert and his son needs is inside of that old gas station.

Robert stated that his son was a little hesitant when he first purchased the space. Now, Robert’s son loves living in the old gas station. He brought the gas station before Hurricane Katrina hit.

The gas station did receive some damage, but Robert was able to fix it. Robert made a video that shows people what it is like to live in the old gas station. It has been viewed over 1.7 million times.

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