His Neighbors Keep Sending Noise Complaints. But He Was Never Even Home When The Noises Happened…

Every morning for several days in a row a man went off to work, only to return in the evening to noise complaints from his neighbors. They all insisted that loud music and even louder singing was coming from his apartment all day long. Understandably, the man was perplexed. He was at work and no one else was in his apartment at these times.

After thinking it over for awhile, the man became suspicious. He thought he knew the culprit who may be causing all of this trouble for his neighbors. While it seemed crazy, he had to consider man’s best friend. His beloved dog would always accompany him by howling along while he played the piano and sang when he was at home.

The man wasn’t really sure what he find when he set up a camera and left the house. What he did see was his fun loving pooch having a grand time while annoying all of the neighbors around him.

As soon as he has the chance, this furry white companion bolts to the piano to play himself a tune. Each time he steps on the keys he proudly belts out a hilarious array of off-beat and out of range notes, only his owner could really appreciate. Like a true performer, he pauses at intervals to allow all of his listeners to take in the magic.

Humans have been known to train their dogs to perform some really amazing tricks. Fido here not only taught himself to sing and play the piano but he may have taught his owner a few new keys as well. Unfortunately, with all of the noise complaints from the neighbors, this dog’s days as a musician may be numbered.

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