His Little Sister Is Disabled, And His Promise to Her Will Have You In Tears!

When it comes to sibling reationships, a brother will almost always stand up for his younger sister. He will usually do what he can to make sure she is safe and that no harm comes her way. One young boy says something so sweet about his disabled sister that has left many who hear the words in tears.

Lindsey Cochran is a girl who probably doesn’t have to worry about anyone making fun of┬áher disability as her brother has her covered. Trenton and his sister aren’t just siblings. They are best friends. Lindsey was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She has been in a wheelchair since she was about two. There are some people who stare at her, but Trenton simply tells them that she is a human being.

Trenton has stated that he would like it if his sister wasn’t in a wheelchair and that things might be different, but he is always there to help her with anything that she needs. It’s easier for Lindsey to get through life with the help of her brother.

Lindsey’s disability has matured Trenton faster than other kids his age. He has run marathons in support of her condition. He has also told others that he would take a bullet for her and that he will protect her no matter what.

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