His Job Is To Move Patients From One Room To Another, But What This Cameras Captures Is Touching

Dreams dashed does not mean tangible talent needs to go to waste. For every one person that makes it to the mountaintop, there are legions that fall by the wayside for a variety of reasons. Transition to the working world where these skills can be availed is a logical next step. Few could imagine the three decades of delight patients at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center were in for with one such career move. Compassion comes with the form of perfect pitch in Boston courtesy of Lindon Beckford.

Early on Lindon demonstrated a talent for singing. He pushed forward in his dreams of making it big in the nightclub scene. This is where the bouts of stage fright began. It evolved into such a state that he finally could not perform in public. Even in the face of this adversity, the passion for singing never died. He stoked the embers by singing to himself in his newly acquired job moving patients within the confines of the hospital.

Regaining confidence, patients all over the hospital started to perk up upon hearing his voice down the halls. Lindon realized the healing effect he was having upon the guests of the medical facility. While transporting the temporarily immobile to the terminally ill, his songs was the salve that person needed right then and there. Sometimes it was a lullaby to soothe the nerves. Other times, it would propel them from their immediate worries during the jaunt to another room. An invaluable service from the singer who cares about all whom he comes in contact with.

Our roles in life can take on more meaning when we help each other. One does not know what small sign of caring will be the tipping point to a transformation. From Kenny Rogers, Elvis, and gospel, his great range of vocal talents cut across all demographics. Lindon Beckford reminds us that we are not defined by our jobs but what we do with them.

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