His Incredible Story About Hillary Clinton Is Going VIRAL – Have you Seen It Yet?

His Incredible Story About Hillary Clinton Is Going VIRAL – Have you Seen It Yet?

Hillary already has a long political career under her belt from before she was the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. She was a Senator from New York for years, and during that time she did many things that most people have never once heard of. One of her constituents reached out to her for help with a problem in his life. The man was an author by the name of James Grissom, and he recently shared what happened to him on Facebook. The post about Hillary Clinton has gone viral in the short time since he published it. The story not only shows the goodness of Hillary’s character, but her commitment to the people who support her.

James Grissom developed bladder cancer in early 2007. At the time, he was working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the bookstore. He had no savings or medical insurance to pay for expensive treatments, but he was referred to Planned Parenthood where a female doctor gave him his options. He chose to receive treatment at the clinic for a short time, and he said that the physicians at the Planned Parenthood facility were no where near the monsters the media makes them out to be. They eventually referred him to an oncologist, another female doctor, who treated Grissom as if he were a member of her own family when she learned of his financial situation. Even with such help, he was unable to make the payments, and his case was sent to a collection agency.

The doctor told him to get in touch with the billing department for the hospital and to write his senator. When he contacted the billing department, they told him his income was too high for him to receive Medicaid, but that there were certain financial aid opportunities through the hospital. Of course, the collections agency would retain his case until the debt was paid, regardless of any help received through financial aid. Grissom then decided to contact then Senator Hillary Clinton.

He got a response within two weeks. At first, he was speaking with Senator Clinton’s secretary, but she soon came on the line herself. She agreed to help Grissom with what she determined to be an unnecessarily harsh pursuit from a federally aided hospital. She offered to look into his situation, and the collection calls stopped entirely less than a month later. She also put Grissom in touch with other sources of financial aid set aside for those experiencing cancer treatments. His debt was eventually paid and it all happened without any calls from collection agencies.

Grissom still reads the letter sent to the hospital on his behalf by Hillary. She even referred to him as her friend in the letter. The letter went on to profess her faith in the medical community to do what was right, and she insisted the activity from the collection agency must have been a mistake. Grissom had some continued contact with Hillary after the incident, including two letters and a personal phone call from the Senator.

Grissom at first posted his story to Facebook to show that he once was a Bernie Sanders supporter, but that was only because he was attracted to the radical ideas of the non-corporate candidate. However, after remembering the extreme help he was given firsthand from Hillary Clinton, he feels ashamed of himself for ever veering away from the current Democratic nominee for President of the United States. His own experience with Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood is something that the media seems to overlook, which is why he felt the need to make his decision public. He hoped to sway other minds.

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