His Family Was Killed. Then He Meets The Person Responsible. What Happens…

On February 9, 2007, Chris Williams was driving his family home from dinner. Unfortunately, things went horribly wrong when oncoming car, driven by a drunk teenager, collided with theirs. Four lives were lost in this collision, including that of Chris’s wife and their unborn baby, his son Benjamin, and his daughter Anna. Chris survived, as well as his son Sam and the drunk driver, whose name is Cameron White. However, obviously, all of these lives have been changed forever.

James F. Wood, Chris close friend, came to the hospital soon after the accident. He remembers that the first thing that Chris did was express concern for the drunk driver who had caused the accident. Although Chris was dealing with a tragedy, he looked to his faith in Jesus Christ to guide him through it. Instead of being angry at the young man who had cost him everything, he decided to take the higher road and forgive him.

In fact, for purposes of closure, Chris wanted to meet Cameron White, who was responsible for the accident. He did not want to do anything hurtful, but he wanted to let the young man know that he forgave him and wanted him to move on with his life as well.

Of course, the young man was extremely grateful for this kindness, where many people would have shown nothing but vengeance and anger. It is absolutely amazing that Chris was able to be the bigger person in a situation as horrible as this one.

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