His Best Friend Went Missing 10 Days Ago. He’s Given Up Hope When He Gets This Shocking Message…

53-year-old Harry Brown, a homeless veteran with terminal pancreatic cancer, lost Olivia, his dog.

While napping, Olivia wandered away from him and seemingly vanished. He searched everywhere for her that he could, from Orange County to Long Beach, and turned up nothing. After that, he posted something on Craigslist but that didn’t turn up anything either. He was devastated. Olivia wasn’t just a loyal companion; she was his baby.

Despite their connection, his short life span made him start giving up. He just started hoping that someone was kind enough to pick her up and take care of her. Then, one day, someone contacted him after seeing the lost dog ad. Olivia had been found in an animal shelter in Long Beach. The rescue group, Captain Care, bought Brown a ticket to get to Long Beach and paid to feed and spay her. Along with that, they agreed to help him get back to his family so he could enjoy the rest of his life with his family.

The reunion was captured by a news crew. At the sight of Olivia, Brown burst into tears, apologizing to her and then telling the news crew that the dog was his life and he was happy to have her back.

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